More Magic, Please!

  I love two things: Making Hats, and bringing more magic into the world. I get asked why I make witch hats, and the truth is I am disappointed in our world. I grew up seeing magic all around me, in everything, and wanting to live a magical life. Then I grew up and realized that I was the only one seeing it. I see magic in everything from the birds in the nest outside my window, to children believing in Santa Claus, to people in prayer. I know I have a very broad sense of magic, but to me Magic is 1/2 belief, and 1/2 intent. I wake up every day believing in Magic, and my intent is to bring more magic into the world with my millinery. I want my hats to remind people that magic exists, you just have to choose to see it. I hope that every hat I make reminds someone, even for just a minute, that they are magical, and fabulous and life is full of adventure and wonder!

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